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the chapters :
° side a
side b

the fiction :
° summer on the downhill
° today sad tomorrow mad

# the mixtape

++ this tape is a letter ... written at night, with a bottle of wine by my side.
+ in times of listening to these bands something happens to my brain and I've got a flash through my body. that's why I've wrote a short story to keep hold of a rare feeling of what music means to me.
you can read it by clicking the link at the left if you want. it called 'Summer on the Downhil'.

++ check out the tracklist, maybe you will meet some old friends or make some new.
i f you like the compilation then feel free to take the songs for another tapes or record a totally new one and send me a copy. I will appreciate.
+ I intend to offer a realmedia stream of this tape, for everyone who likes to listen to good music
while no kazaa or winmx is working. it's coming soon, so come by everytime you want.


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