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artist: <various artists>
title: seasonal greetings
format: cd sampler
release date: november 11, 2002
label: mobilé
01 low: long way around the sea
02 orso: x'mas tomorrow
03 morgan caney & kamal joory: darling
04 opiate: snow story
05 komëit: atomized
06 future 3: it's that time again
07 erlend øye: last christmas
08 saint etienne: my christmas prayer
09 badly drawn boy: donna and blitzen
10 hood: winter will set you back
11 domotic: smith, klaus & white
12 herrmann & kleine: catch a snowflake
13 múm: nóttin var svo ágæt ein
'a compilation of 13 winter and christmas songs'. Erlend covers the Wham! christmas classic.


artist: <various artists>
title: total lee // the songs of lee hazlewood
format: cd album
release date: june 03, 2002
label: city slang
01 lambchop: I’m glad I never
02 madrugada feat. neil mcnasty: come on home to me
03 the webb brothers: some velvet morning
04 calexico feat. valerie leulliot: sundown, sundown
05 johnny dowd: sleep in the grass
06 saint etienne: got it together again
07 st. thomas: the railroad
08 jarvis cocker & richard hawley: a cheat
09 erlend øye: no train to stockholm
10 the amazing pilots: soul's island
11 kathryn williams: easy & me
12 tindersticks: my autumns done come
13 stephen jones & luke scott: we all make the little flowers grow
14 calvin johnson & mark pickerel: sand
15 evan dando & sabrina brooke: summer wine
16 kid loco feat. tim keegan: if it's monday morning
Erlend covers a song by Lee Hazlewood.
Mr. Hazlewood says in an interview featured in the booklet:
"I like it, 'cause I like the song. I don't know how many people wanted to write a lyric to this song in their language. And I wouldn't... Any other song they could have had, I've had a lot things translated into different languages, but I didn't want that one because I didn't think it made any sense because, you know, we're the ones with our ass getting kicked off in Vietnam and not anybody else. They played it a lot in Sweden 'cause I was there. And of course America did'nt play it because all these other better war writers than me had their songs out there. I didn't think it made very much sense for anybody else except an American wanting to go to Stockholm, 'cause there were quite a few American people who didn't care about that war living in Stockholm at the time. He fooled with the melody, but they all fool with the melody, I'm getting used to it. No, that doesn't bother me. It always bothers me a little more that they mess with the lyric than they mess with the melody. The real lyric in this song is "Freedom is where you think it is", not "what you think it is", but I kind of like 'what' so I don't complain at all about 'what' in this song. That little one word change doesn't bother me."


artist: <various artists>
title: kindercore records christmas sampler // volume 02
format: cd album
release date: 1999
label: kindercore
01 dressy bessy: all the right reasons : 2.38
02 busytoby: hyun's snowy Night : 2.00
03 I am the world trade center: rockefeller tree : 2.41
04 kings of convenience: deilig er dorden : 2.18
05 the sixth great lake: always after christmas, boring : 2.55
06 six cents and natalie: secret santa (you could be the one) : 3.24
07 the four corners: my gift to you (it's me) : 2.19
08 the ladybug transistor family & friends: christmas extravaganza : 4.11
09 kincaid: summer is half a year away : 2.56
10 vermont: santa claws : 3.44
11 the essex green: deck the halls : 1.42
12 of montreal: christmas isn't safe for animals : 3.41
13 richard davies: feed the world : 3.30
14 ciao bella: christmas time : 3.37
15 the wee turtles: benjamin, santa's on to you : 3.15
16 triangle park: christmas lights : 2.59
17 junior varsity: don't believe in christmas : 1.46
18 the masters of the hemisphere: pierced by a stranger's heart : 5.19
19 the gwens: christmas love : 2.56
20 the boyish charms: chipmunk song (christmas don't be late) : 2.52
21 the mendoza line: not a pine tree : 1.56
22 vic20: fox in the snow (live) : 3.40
23 lunchbox: christmas time is here : 2.48
24 bugs eat books: marshmallow world : 1.55
kings of convenience perform a traditional norwegian christmas song.


+ this list contains only non album tracks on compilations. there are many appearances on commercial samplers. if you need a complete list you should visit the kings of convenience fansite by an italian fan, which is very comprehensive, also in other categories :
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