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the releases :
° koc : debut
quiet is the new loud
° erlend øye : unrest
° riot on an empty street
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° covers

# the lyrics : erlend øye : unrest

#01 ghost trains
#02 sheltered life
#03 sudden rush
#04 prego amore
#05 every party has a winner and a loser
#06 the athlete
#07 symptom of disease
#08 the talk
#09 a while ago and recently
#10 like gold

++ ghost trains
crash on the highway, stranded between
my friends had waited, but left without me
a glimpse on the platform, we met on the train
she came from further, heading my way

three days in april, three years ago
one black eyed stranger, I learned to know
made all my plans stop, shook me off track
ten days of longing, I followed her back

a plane made of paper struck by the light
circled forever over the city at night
like a movie, like a song
how it should be being young

++ sheltered life
brave girl replies, when you come back, I'll be gone
read off her rules, when in control I move on
thoughtful or sad, no need to ask

you in her eyes a sister someone, who's been where
she's roaming now. flashes of home and people there
pressured caught up she feels, measured all up revealed

I still haven't walked my distance
I'm not ready to return

independent on my way to become I

sunday no sign, why did I make you meet me here
no cause for doubt, but feeling sustains when mix up clears
easy and loose, unsure confused

it doesn't take much to knock me
I've been living a sheltered life

++ sudden rush
a sudden rush of expectation
as I realise it's you
like a river in a droughtful season
how cool you didn't call
initial hint of disappointment
the mirror of my smile
that isn't there, that doesn't follow
a very causal 'hi'

Why did you come at all
if it wasn't for me?

another blow of resignation
when realise I do
now in your hands
the book you borrowed
the whole way we first met
comes together in my head
when the picture's clear you've left

++ prego amore
I was looking for a woman to be good to me
I was with the other people and they had to eat
I couldn't go alone, I didn't know my way
don't know the language, so I had to stay

woke up in the morning with a job to do
twenty seconds later got stuck in the queue
when in Rome they're digging to extend the lines
they're running into ruins, gotta stop all the time

went upon a hill to get a view of the town
didn't really happen 'cause the clouds were down
brought a CD player to be checking our song
didn't do recordables we moved along

to an elevated garden overlooking the street
she was standing with a spinett at the side of her feet
shouted to her promising to make her a star
she didn't have the time and she left in a car

prego amore vieni con me

waiting for a DJ, but he never turned up
figured that he didn't 'cause he knew he would suck
I was sitting in the rhythm backing the beat
couldn't see her dancing back on the street
just because you got the magic happening then
doesn't make it certain it'll happen again
just because you know someone is looking for you
doesn't have a say in who they're running into

++ every party has a winner and a loser
every party's got a winner and a loser
I'm jumping out of the game by being a referee
sometimes all I can do
find a spot out of the light, feel like a japanese

every party's got a winner and a loser
some girls are never alone, I'm always a little late
each our own individual game plan
we ploy in order to stay out of the bottom half

who's there with whom
who failed to show
who'll leave alone

since the birth of the very idea
way back in hellenical times at the house of a bearded man
every party's got a winner and a loser
one host who's gonna regret telling all they could feel like home
one dude that no one invited
three guys in love with one girl, who takes hours to say goodbye

++ the athlete
on a race course there's a race to reach an end
someone's calling the decathlon athlete's name
further focus on the discipline applied
or through constant shifts of exercise

quatre cents mètres, saut à la perche
mille cinq mètres, cent mètres, saut en hauteur
lance du javelot du poids et du disque
cent dix mètres haies, saut en longueur

there's a battle between the athlete and himself
and between him and the people there to help
their incentive is for the pressure to conceive
the ignition of another level of reach

do I want this, do I want this in my life
is it worth it, worth the sacrifice

++ symptom of disease
what you kept saying and what I was told
never related, so I don't know
maybe tomorrow or wednesday
but I'll find excuses to wait, wait, wait

the only date that's certain, the wedding of our friends
I think it's for the better, I keep my cool till then
one out of many, not how it feels
but how I'll think of you at the end of the year

I don't know what's happening to me
is it a symptom of disease

wish I could tell you about the distance between
how my life is unfolding and how I thought it would be
wish you were someone with whom I could share what I find
in the people and places in this new world of mine

++ the talk
and so I'm back and I am stuck here in the same room
a through shuffle to the mail my first excuse
not to immediately face the day's agenda
some very awkward words I need be telling you

of a feeling that in motion through I've carried
for it to be worn off upon return
that grew inside me like a credit taken
in a currency I could no longer earn

no better way, no other time
no other call, no better line
as soon as now, within your room
it can't go on, I'm not in love with you

my mouth has got a funny taste of metal
a pencil line's been drawn upon my face
weight has come to hang around my shoulders
for the knowledge of a doubt I can't erase

hey boy, you never finish what you've started
says the man I wanna be who I am not
who will sacrifice his part as easy lover
to never be the one who holds and drops

++ a while ago and recently
wake up at noon to hear the rain
it's a frame that suits me fine
no pressure now to achieve
anything by above average speed

so I turn the music on and I turn it off
to leave more space for thoughts
not knowing soon they'll be stalled
by a mildly disappointing call

I have thought of you since I came
all the street signs spell out your name
will I meet you here, could well be
on a summer week in your beloved spain

++ like gold
the line that curves and cracks
the wall in two and points
to where your hand is stretched

my baby, you're everything to me
when you're gone, there's no one
I'm just lonely

my baby, nI never use those words
but that's all I could call
someone as sweet as you

here and now
the air, the light
has burst into between
where you and I
we rest unfold
and melt like gold


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