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++ stuttgart : march 31, 2003
After writing the management some e-mails to ask for an interview I’ve got an invitation for 7 pm to be at the Travellers Club. So I was glad to have enough time to ask my questions before the official beginning of the show.

At this time he was still checking the sound by starting some drums and playing some acoutic versions. It was great to hear his voice filling a nearly empty room. Some workers were carrying stuffs around and I was the only one besides Helen (his sound engineer) who was really listening to his casual performance. He finished and I introduce myself as the guy who’s running the german kings of convenience fansite. So we started a conversation and talked first about his show in Hamburg the day before and the tiny dancefloor at the Schauspielhaus. He told me a little story about being lost in Munich (there was the first and only concert of Kings Of Convenience I attended) and after he has satisfied his hunger, he puts a new remix of ‘Sheltered Life’ in the local CD-Player and it moved us through the clear room. The mix is over 8 minutes long and has a rolling beat that sounds like a all-star mix by Kompakt Label Artists with the already known beautiful Erlend-Harmonies. Fantastic! After that he showed his qualities as a DJ and switched the first track into his own acoustic version.

Through this I get my own little lesson to experience the both sides of Erlend Øye. The one half plays perfect songs for the bedroom and the other wants to conquer the dancefloors of the world by pushing the crowd to move their bodies and have fun like a really good party. The result of his soloalbum sounds partly like electric KoC-Songs (don’t get me wrong, I love the songs of ‘Unrest’!) but his real intention was to combining his skills in singing and songwriting with the possibilities of dance music, and the biggest power of dance music is primarily to make people dance.

There was my second lesson because the live performance of the songs shows their whole dancefloor potential. With his live band he creates totally rocking beats. The speed is higher and it’s visible for everyone that this jumping boy on the stage is having fun in performing his songs and this forms a true sympathy that covers the whole crowd. It’s amazing how the dance factor arise and becomes bigger and bigger.

He also told me about the making of the video for the next single ‘Sheltered Life’ (where you can listen to the his remix for youself) and how he’s getting involved to the concept. This time the video will be more like a working process between a close friend and him with spontaneous ideas and results. At a 5-day-scheduled shooting like ‘Sudden Rush’ with Jarvis Cooker there are explicit creative borders, but he approaches collaborations in all the disciplines, that are connected to music. Maybe someday you can watch videos of your favourite artist at MTV directed by Erlend Øye. This would be nice (for your favourite artist!).

I think that Erlend is someone with many great abilities but he won’t reveal them all of a sudden so we can get surprises for a very long time. Even as an DJ he is a hit. After the show he grapped his plastic bag of vinyls and continued behind the counter with a mic in the mixer. At the beginning of our meeting he was very exhausted and didn’t talk very much but in the moment he saw the big crowd in front of the entry, a big smile formed on his face and during the show he gets more and more fitter and while DJing he was like a flash that goes round and round.



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